Jaw’s – A 2019 Review

5/5 Rating

I’ve seen Jaw’s many times. I know each scene and can easily watch it again and yet I was never graced with the chance to see it in the cinema being a 90’s baby. However that chance finally came around and I got to sit back and enjoy the classic monster movie as it was always meant to be shown on the big screen.
For a film made in 1975 its hard to believe its that old! Filled with the decade it was made in it almost feels like the 70’s were made for this film. Sitting back listening to the low beat we all know and love as the Jaw’s theme composed by John Williams, for the first time I realised just shy of 20 years later my very own monster movie of the generation, Jurassic Park sits on almost identical theme tunes at times. But alas this movie set the basis for many monster movies to come and really set viewers imaginations ablaze, if not sent panic and misconception of sharks for decades!
People still now look at the great white shark and think about the horrors Jaw’s portrayed sharks to be capable of and that is cinematic power at its best. Talking of panic Jaw’s is not scary, however one scene is terrifying. We find ourselves mid way through the movie, Roy Scheider’s Brody and Richard Dreyfuss’s Hooper embark on Hooper’s boat for a midnight cruise to search for the beast. They eventually come across Ben Gardiners boat and Hooper decides to take a swim under the boat. I want to re state how many times I’ve seen this movie, more then enough to know what’s coming but does that change the sudden appearance of a dead Ben Gardiner and the shriek that accompanies it. No it does not, I jumped again just like many others in the cinema and I doubt there was a single person who hadn’t already seen the movie before.
Scheider’s and Dreyfuss’s performances are brilliant but for me its Robert Shaw’s Quint that is the stand out. The ex sailor turned shark fisherman with his inappropriate jokes, songs of the sea and his general craziness to throw away his life to catch the shark shine into a brilliant performance. They don’t make characters like him anymore and that’s because there probably aren’t many people who actually are like him in real life. Him singing about old Spanish ladies and his smirk as he does just makes me smile. It’s a shame his life ends so brutally in the film but would he have wanted it any other way?
Jaw’s is actually a breath of fresh air, we are far too spoilt by modern cinema effects and epic story lines. It takes us back to a simpler story telling time of more basic hero’s and villains. It also reminds me of how movie’s were made before we did everything with CGI instead. No one would want to mess around with an electronic shark in water anymore and even though I understand, bringing back puppets and working models would actually go down a treat from time to time.
Jaw’s always was and still remains a five star movie and if you get the chance I would highly recommend going to watch it in cinema, and your get the added treat of an original advert from the 70’s for tours round universal studios! How about that for a ending credit scene.

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